VATSIM forum mailing list mode

Hello! The new forum software is great, and I’m familiar with it from a number of other forums which I frequent. However, one of its features that I find most useful hasn’t been enabled - the mailing list mode. Please could an admin enable this feature? Pinging @1461215 for visibility. Thanks!

You mean something like the email notification I got saying that you posted?

For this you need to to your profile, settings, tracking
And then you have several levels of detail, and you can chose the categories you want to keep track of

Thanks @1058098, but not quite like that option. The main distinction is that with mailing list mode, you can reply to posts via email. This is where you turn it on:

However, it needs to be enabled by an admin for the forum in order for that box to appear in users’ settings.

I’ve updated the forum settings to allow for users to toggle this on/off.