Vatsim Forum? Help needed?

I would like to express my opinion on this so-called “Vatsim Forum”.
I am convinced that this is an absolutely useless branch of consciousness that takes participants away from real solutions to problems. I would say more - this is a harmful resource for ordinary users.
There is no communication with developers, no help or advice here.
Me and my friends have never really gotten help here in years.
Since 2004, I remember the Vatsim website, where you could communicate and get answers, advice and help.
Who and why is this complete crap that is needed that’s now ?

Well there’s things like discord, this forum is just easier sometimes

Is there a place where members can obtain officially sanctioned advice?

We all understand that VAtsim is a non-profit organization and is not obliged to anyone. But, damn it, if you invited thousands of people to use your product for free, it doesn’t mean at all that you can give it up and stop supporting it.

Discord. It’s advertised everywhere.

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