Vatsim event on December 17.-120 years from first flight

just a quick question if there is a plan for any event on 17. December? It will be 120 years from the moment that human took off to the skies. We all know the Wright brothers and the date of 17.12.1903. So is there by any chance plan for some cross Vatsim event? For example VFR day? Or as my friend suggested something like “Join Wright downwind”?
Cheers :slight_smile:

There are events planned on that date (e.g., Calendar - December 2023) but none that are specifically aligning with a First Flight theme to the best of my knowledge. That said, what a great idea! And I love the “Wright Downwind” theme!

It would be great if will be an event which will be done with a time range that it allow users from each part of the world to participate. Maybe something like an Oshkosh format if only in Kitty Hawk airport or which include nearest commercial airport covered (which I don’t know which are)

PS: I agree me too, “Wright downwind”, as former event coordinator of a small vACC in 2014-2015 which now doesn’t exist anymore, sound amazing.

And would you know anyone that I could contact with this event?


The Wright brothers were not the first humans to fly! They are credited for the first powered flight with a heavier-than-air machine.

Because probably 50 years earlier, but for sure 20 years earlier, powered airships were flying.

And many many hundred years earlier there were hot balloons.

And countless heavier-than-air gliders. 10 years earlier Otto Lilienthal was very systematic and thus left a legacy in controlling dynamic lift flying machines.

Not a small feat at all by the Wright Brothers, yet 1903 is not the beginning of human flight ;). It would be nice if such an event could credit them for “powered aerodynes (using dynamic lift)”, that would finally be nice.