VATSIM Applications


I couldn’t help but notice that you’ve decided to setup a donation center for financial support, and wanted to respond to this.

I’ve decided to be willing to contribute in a different way: I’ve gone through all VATSIM sources to find ways to apply for VATSIM as a cloud engineer (in case there’s demand for this, of course).

Unfortunately, none of the sources seemed able to tell me how one would apply for such a position. Could someone please get me in touch with the appropriate member? I’m an Azure cloud engineer in my personal life and hope to contribute through this.

Thank you in advance.



Your willingness to contribute to the network with your skills is most appreciated. You can contact the Vice-President Technology and let him know of your desire to join the tech team.

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Good evening Roger,

Thank you for your response and contact detail.

I’m expecting to send the email today (UTC -5) with, hopefully, a joined effort in the future.

Have a great day.


Good evening Roger,

My apologies for asking this, but it’s been 5 days without response so far. Is there an estimate I can hold onto or is the department simply not interested? If the latter is the case, feel free to just let me know svp.

Thank you and have a good remainder of the weekend.

I cannot speak for the response or lack thereof from another VATSIM department. It is possible that the VP Tech is away. It would seem appropriate for you to send a follow-up message.

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Hello Roger,

No problem, understandable. I will send a follow-up as per suggestion.

Thank you and have a good evening.