VatNotif (BETA)

Hello everyone,
I have recently finished my new project called VatNotif.
To put it simply, VatNotif is a service that will notify you when a specified controller comes online.

To use it, log in on the website ( and go over to the dashboard, add the callsign you want to track (eg. EGNX_GND) and a discord webhook URL ( and you’re all set up!

Even though the data used for this service is publicly available, you can still opt out of being “tracked” by toggling a switch in the dashboard, when you do that your CID will be ignored until you opt in again.

Please keep in mind that this website is still in beta - there will be bugs. If you have encountered an issue or want to provide feedback, don’t hesitate to contact me :slightly_smiling_face:


Discord message:

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This is an awesome tool!

I’ve posted a very similar idea about half a decade ago over on the old vatsim forums.
My idea was a firefox extension, that gives you a notification whenever a controller for your airport comes online.

Glad someone who’s got the know-how took the challenge!

Hey Kristian,

Thank you for putting in effort and time to delecop this awesome tool!

We have started implementation in our division on a test basis and would like to share following feedback:
It got a lot of demand as up until now the members would typically check (reactive) and now we have a proactive way to get notifications.
The setup and config is super simple and user friendly.

I also have some constructive feedback where it wpuld be great to get your view:
The API is offline, not sure if the issue is on your end our ours, therefore we are not getting notifications. Is there a way for us to host the service on our own server?
When setting up the bot the naming of the bot is reflected in the messages whenever I send a test. However, when a “live” notification is received the Bot is named VatNotif, depite us giving it a different name.

What are your thoughts on above?

Thanks a lot!

Hello, first thanks for the feedback, I really do appreciate it!

  1. API status: If the api is offline it is 99% issue on my end, if you want to be sure 100%, open this url: in your browser, and if it does not return a response, the api is not running
    There might’ve been some downtime today since I was doing some maintenance on the server physically but I will continue to monitor the uptime. I might set up something like uptimerobot to monitor it & give alers.
    About the self-hosting, it is technically possible, all the source code is available on my github (GitHub - kristiankunc/VatNotif-api: The api server for VatNotif) but it requires access to the database with all the tracking information so it is not really viable.

  2. Discord bot name: Yes that is intentional, the webhook author name & profile picture is set for each webhook on the server which overwrites the discord settings you put in.

Thanks for the feedback once again

Thanks a lot, that gives a lot of clarity!
If I wanted to host the rep on my own VPS, how would I obtain the client ID and client secret?

To obtain the credentials, you need to set up the vatsim oauth, docs for which can be found here: Connect · vatsimnetwork/developer-info Wiki · GitHub. But to use it in production you need approval from vatsim to grant you the access. Or alternatively you can implement a different OAauth flow (eg. Google, Twitter, Discord, …) which may be faster to get started but will require pretty big code changes.