vATIS | Cloud based profiles?

Mainly to @1215759 , I hope you are reading this.
To all other reading, what are your thoughts on this idea?

I am part of the Staff/NAV team in Sweden and would like to forward a request on behalf of VATSIM Scandinavia (probably many others also).

Is there any chance to create the possibility for vATIS to fetch the latest config file from a URL (defined in a profile, or somewhere in the settings maybe), which eliminates the problem of people using outdated vATIS profiles and makes the (automatic) distribution of an always updated config file a breeze.

Another possibility would be to have a vATIS profile web interface, but it would have to be hosted by someone, and managed regarding uploading rights and such, therefore, just a URL to put in somewhere would probably be easier.

Thank you for helping the community by developing such great software. This would make it even better! :grin:

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