VATCA7 Vacancy -WebMaster

We are looking for a skilled WordPress to volunteer their time on our development team.

Responsibilities :
● Able to spend a minimum of 5 hours or greater on a weekly basis
● Researching and suggesting ideas to improve our website experience
● Developing and implementing on WordPress

● Previous experience working on WordPress
● Knowledge of frontend languages such as TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
● Experience with user interface design
● Excellent troubleshooting and project management skills
●S1 or above
●100+ hours on VATSIM
●Good Knowledge of VATSIM CoC, CoR

Applying Candidate Shall Include
VATSIM CV detailing past experience current experience such as staff roles, skills, contribution to VATSIM or real world experience.

Candidates encouraged to send their application via e-mail to (Position in the subject).

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