Vat Spy Country Details tab

Hi Does anyone know how to change the ‘Country Details’ tab on Vat-Spy’s menu bar? It’s fixed on USA and I want to change it to UK. The ‘help’ tab does not give any information on how to do this. I have worked out how to change the FIR (right click on the FIR in the map itself) but can’t figure out how to change the country from USA to UK. Thanks in advance

Hey Brian,
top line, search for the FIR ICAO code

Hi Raul. Thank you very much! Still a newbie here, so grateful to people like you helping me with the learning curve! Cheers :+1:

No worries, all of us have been there before!

The help icon in the toolbar takes you to the documentation section of the VAT-Spy website, which says you can enter a 2 letter airport prefix to get the country details: