vACDM/VDGS API for 3rd party

since we’ve got brilliant ideas and addons out these days with nicely integrated simbrief connections, I got the idea, why vatsim controllers are not able to send off-block time, SID or other data on the pilots VDGS-display like GSX or Aerosoft is actually already doing with simbrief or self-inserted data.

I asked the devs about this here:
VATSIM Integration/Interaction - Feature Requests - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES
GSX availability for 3rd party plugins (

Is there something Aerosoft (and maybe GSX) could use already?
From my basic-coding knowledge, it shouldn’t be that difficult. GSX for example already gets information for the displays from simbrief. And the vACDM what VATGER uses, could provide this data also. But I think it makes sense to centralize it.

Just wanted to discuss it here.

Timm Rehberg


It seems that Aerosoft (and probably others) are ready to implement this kind of API to VATSIM or other networks as soon as there is a general standard.

Just a wild imagination,

what if we controllers could dispatch select stand and pilots automatically get gsx marshals on the gate…