[VACANCY] VATSSA ATC Training Director

VATSSA - VATSIM’s Sub-Sahara Division is looking for candidates for the ATC Training Director role to lead the Division’s Training Team.

The Division ATC Training Director is a member of the Division’s Senior Staff Team and reports directly to the Division Director.

Role Responsibilities

The ATC Training Director’s role responsibilities include:

  • Management of Training Team’s staff, including Deputies, Examiners, Instructors and Mentors.
  • Management of the Training Curriculum in accordance to VATSIM and Regional standards and in compliance with local procedures, where applicable.
  • Management of Training Activities, including Mentoring Sessions, Theory Exams, Controller Practical Tests, Training Webinars and others, if relevant.
  • Coordination with the Web Services Team in the Management of the Training Management Platform.
  • Coordination with the Member Services Team in the Management of Training Requests and Training Lists.

Role Requirements

  • Knowledge and Understanding of VATSIM and Division Policies.
  • Experience with ATC Training (in similar roles or as Mentor/Instructor).
  • Good communication skills and the ability to speak and write in English.
  • Minimum rating of Controller 1 (C1) for at least 6 months or higher.
  • Applicants must be in good standing with VATSIM.
  • Must be a member of VATSSA or available for transfer if selected, per current VATSIM Controller Transfer Policy.
  • Ability to volunteer a minimum of 5 hours or greater per week towards the ATC Training team.
  • Ability to commit to the role for a minimum of 12 months.


  • Candidates are requested to submit their application by email to vatssa1@vatssa.com including their Name and CID.
  • Please include a description of your VATSIM experience and previous staff roles, including assigned responsibilities.
  • Also include any real world relevant experience and other skill sets that may be of value to the role.
  • Finally, candidates are asked to provide a descriptive expression of their interest for the role, the challenges they see and the solutions that they may wish to see implemented in their tenure.

We will provide an answer and follow up to all applicants and those selected will be asked for availability for an interview in the coming weeks.