[VACANCY] VATNZ1 - Division Director

Announcement – Staff Position Vacancy
VATNZ Division Director (VATNZ1)


Candidates wishing to apply for this key role staff position, are kindly requested to submit their application into a one page CV format, to the APAC Region Vice President , no later than :
03rd April 2024, 12:00UTC.
Applications shall be sent to: vpapac(at)vatsim.net with subject “VATNZ1 Application”.

Applicants are required to provide contact information (email, discord etc).
Application process is divided into two stages. Application submission and an interview. Only successful applicants will be contacted for an interview via discord. Applications not fulfilling the requirements will be automatically rejected.

All applicants will be informed of the final outcome of their application.

APAC Region

REPORTS TO: APAC Region Vice President.
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Divisional Management – Sub divisional Leadership

The duties of the VATNZ Division Director are described in short, but not limited to:
• Responsible for overall smooth operation and growth of the Division.
• Monitors/Reviews the progress of ongoing procedures (Training, Membership/Community etc), ATC Upgrades and progression.
• Appoints and edits the Divisional staff panel via job openings.
• Works to improve the efficiency of the joining and progression processes, member services and retention.
• Provision of adequate web services.
• Pursue matters raised in relation to membership issues.
• Prepares and submits the Quarterly Division Reports to the APAC Region Vice President.
• Maintains a strong online presence on VATSIM Network and within the Division.


• Awareness of Air Traffic Control operations, ideal candidate will hold at least a C1 rating.
• Awareness of Pilot operations, ideal candidate will hold at least a P1 rating .
• Must be a member in good standing within VATSIM network .
• Expected to be able to commit at least 5 hours per week to this role .
• Previous staff roles or other experience of management (Real or virtual) will be an advantage .
• Effective communication – Teamwork - Leadership.
• Fluent in English language.

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