[VACANCY] VATEUD ATC Training Department Team

The VATEUD ATC Training Department is looking for one or more Regional Manager(s)!

The Department

The VATEUD ATC Training Department oversees ATC Training activity throughout the VATSIM Europe Division and creates guidelines to ensure high and similar quality standards for ATCos division-wide. This all now along with the release of the new VATEUD Core System (all-in-one platform).

Role description

  • As a member of the VATEUD ATC Training Department you will be responsible to the VATEUD ATC Training Director.
  • Manage contact to a set of vACCs. This includes (but is not limited to) keeping track of vACC ATD staff changes and vACC ATC training activity.
  • Work on tasks Core System related (to the ATC department).
  • Enforce VATEUD, VATEMEA, and VATSIM.NET policies. This especially includes finding policy-compliant solutions together with the vACCs for the vACCs.
  • Support VATEUD ATC Training Department projects
  • Examine CPTs VATEUD-wide
  • Bring in any ideas you have to make VATSIM an even better place for its members.

The candidate…

  • shall be motivated to work towards high and similar ATC quality standards as well as high training efficiency VATEUD-wide.
  • holds at least a C1 rating, higher ratings are beneficial.
  • is expected to commit at least 2 hours per week in total to the role.
  • is an active ATC mentor and examiner. VATSIM staff experience is beneficial.
  • has the ability to communicate clearly through different mediums to different people of different cultures.
  • is fluent in English, other languages are an advantage.
  • is a member in good standing with the network.

If time allows it, the candidate may hold another VATSIM staff position as well.

A VATEUD ATC Training Department Regional Manager is expected to be able to commit to the role for at least 1 year.

Should you be interested in the role, please send a motivational letter alongside your VATSIM-related CV to jobs@vateud.net. Applications will be accepted until the 17th March 2024.