Vacancy: Chile vACC Chief

VATSIM South America (VATSUR) is looking for an individual who is willing to join the staff as the Subdivision Director (vACC Chief) for the Chile vACC.

The minimum requirements to apply for this position are:

  • Currently be an active member of the Chile vACC.
  • ATC Rating: C1 or higher.
  • Be in good terms with the Chile vACC, VATSUR and VATSIM.
  • Have the willingness to guide the Chile vACC in its operations, training and organization.
  • Be capable of managing a team with a Training Lead, a Webmaster, an Operations Director and an Events Director.

All applications must be sent to (cc with the subject: “Vacante DSD Chile” and must have the following information:

  • Full Name.
  • ATC Rating.
  • Pilot Rating.
  • Experience in VATSIM (as ATC, instructor or staff member), and any experience outside of VATSIM which you may think will be useful for the role.

Applications will be received until March 15th, 2359z. All applications sent outside of this timeframe will not be considered valid and will be automatically rejected. All applicants will receive an email to begin the selection process.

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