vAAirlines - An American Virtual Airline

vAAirlines was founded in the late months of 2019 and opened publicly in June of 2020. We are a dedicated team of professionals whose experience stems from operating for the real world American Airlines Group and our vision is to create a virtual airline community based on a very realistic model of the airline operations centered around American Airlines while providing a fresh take on it’s virtual simulate. vAAirlines highlights key differences in our operation which are centered around three key principles which includes Freedom, Experience, and Progression. These principles are the foundation upon which our core values were established to ensure the very best experience for our members as we strive to create an amazing community of aviation enthusiasts.

Freedom… It should be your choice to fly online with any network and the real world flight numbers or offline with or without your own AI packages, so it is.

Experience… We believe in putting out our stats, policies, and your accomplishments on display. Our responsive team means you get answers, not ticket numbers.

Progression… No “pay to play” of any kind. Our ranks are earned through both experience and knowledge with help from our revolutionary Check Airman program.

Come see what we have to offer and consider joining the ranks of over 450 pilots who have flown almost 25,000 hours collectively on over 10,000 flights. We now also have a complete historic fleet selection allowing you to go deep into the American Airlines history and adventure in the DC-3, or explore one of the many other airlines that have become incorporated into American Airlines such as RenoAir, AirCal, US Airways, and many more! Your journey begins here.

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