UTC Time display

It would be nice if current UTC time was clearly displayed with larger font in the Vpilot app under Callsign/tailnumber.

Hi Christian,
You can also see the UTC time in the flightplan section, at the top near voice “Current Time”


Hope that helps

I always have Vpilot displayed on my second monitor. Having current UTC time clearly displayed on the Vpilot main screen would be of great benefit.

I Know I Know, but for the moment i dont think theres an option to see the current UTC TIME on it, but if you want you can always setup your windows system clock to a second hour time (UTC TIME) or you can also add with a plugin an utc clock on your second monitor :slight_smile:

I run a desk clock on UTC time.

ive got a desk clock on utc, volanta on one monitor shows utc, active sky p3d on another monitor shows utc :slight_smile: :slight_smile: