Using Mode S to simulate ADS-C capability

Hello all,

I’m currently trying to make euroscope work to simulate ADS-C capability for CZQO/EGGX positions.

So far what I’ve done is to put two simulated Mode S surveillance radars in the ocean, set the equipment to be detected as D1G1 so that it detects for ADS-C equipment, and the squawk code for S-mode transponders as 2000. I’ve checked the equipment codes for several aircrafts, that either have D1 or G1 inside, and they’re still just being shown as flight plan track instead of being tracked through Mode S. Any idea what I could be doing wrong here?


It is a bug in ES. When you use the ICAO format equipment codes, the “S-mode transponders” entry is not used at all. The built in check are also not 100% correct.