Use of the SR-71 on vatsim

Good day, all. After reading over many forums about the SR71 on vatsim, it seems it is accepted. However, after 3 flights a supervisor contacted me referencing the Special Operations policy and this forum regarding high altitude high speed flights. They also mentioned being in a vsoa, but I cant find one that flies it. Is it final, it can’t be flown? or is there a vso I can join that uses the sr71? Note, this was done over the US
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Interesting reading. I wonder does the SR-71 fall in the same category as the Concorde as i have seen the Concorde on Vatsim a few times.

Flying the SR-71 inherently is not against the CoC. When it comes to supersonic flight with military aircraft, that’s something we will escalate internally and try to clear up in the future, as there seems to be some differences in opinions.

Note that we are aware this is a difficult topic, and the supervisors will enforce it accordingly. If you disagree with the way a supervisor handled a case, or have any questions or concerns regarding this, please do not hesitate to open a supervisor ticket in the VATSIM Support system.


The SR-71 was operated by USAF, so it is a bit tricky question, when looking at point A13 in the CoC.
Please keep us updated, as I often fly demilitarised WWII aircraft on VATSIM :slightly_smiling_face: