Unicom Annoucements

Hi, I am very new to Vatsim and have only done a couple of successful flights using Vatsim. The controllers I dealt with were very helpful and didn’t mind me asking them to slow dows. Too may alphabets to manage while taxing was my greatest challenge.

I have a question on how to communicate when i am out of a controllers airspace. Once a controller told me to switch to 122.8, which I did. Then it was complete silence until I arrived at the destination airport. All I did was announced my approach. What else am I expected to announce during the flight? Does course changes and altitude changes require announcements too?


You have pretty much done what you need to do, especially in arriving at a field that isn’t controlled. you don’t really need to announce any altitude changes or course changes unless there is other traffic in the vicinity of your destination, which you could make that rather generic: that you’re descending, what runway you intend to land on, etc.

However, I will say this: If this is happening in the US region, VATUSA is trialing an implementation of CTAF (Common Traffic Advisory Frequency), which is used at fields with no tower or if tower would normally close at a given time. There is more information about the trial here:

You’ll definitely want to look at that and what to do when it comes to CTAF if you are flying to a destination in the US and there are no controllers on at the time of your arrival.


Short answer: as much as necessary and keep it as brief as possible.

What you announce will depend on what other traffic is around. If there’s nobody else on the same airway as you, there’s no need to announce you’re step climbing from FL330 to FL350. If you’re crossing the path of another aircraft at a similar level, discuss whatever you need to so you can resolve a conflict. If there’s another aircraft heading to the same airport as you, giving your estimated arrival time and intended approach can help.

On the ground, announce whatever is needed to resolve a conflict or assist other aircraft. For example when you are starting to move (e.g. push back and/or taxi) and when you are entering or vacating a runway.

Thank you