Unable to switch users on same PC

Good afternoon. My son and I both have VATSIM accounts and have been forced on to the same PC at home. Is there any easy way to switch between our VATSIM accounts depending on which one of us is using the machine as logging out from VATSIM doesn’t appear to allow you to enter a different username when logging back in?

Many thanks.

“Easy” is in the eye of the beholder :slight_smile:

I think part of the answer depends on your Windows account settings (i.e. if you have separate profiles on the same computer) and how you installed your clients.

That said, I suspect you may likely have to go into settings each time one of you logs on and log in with the correct name, CID, password, etc.

Father and son vatsimming…I know of one or two other families who do that,ones at ZDC the other is at ZAU maybe