Unable to login to vatusa.net

While attempting to login to vatusa.net, I was able to approve the privacy policy and continue to vatsim login at VATSIM Connect | VATSIM - The International Online Flying Network. After that, I was either brought to an error 419 page, or brought back to vatusa.net with the error message: “ The exact error message reads: Error! Insufficient user data provided. In order to login, you must allow us to continuously receive all of your VATSIM data: full name, email, and rating information. Please try again.” There was no box to grant permissions to the above. Taking it up with Vatusa support they advised I clear my cookies and cache for my browser (Safari), which I did to no affect on the next login. What do I do?

Take it back up with VATUSA Support. No one here can help you with that (unless of course, people browsing these forums are also associated with VATUSA support, but etiquette dictates that you’d continue the conversation with VATUSA on their platform(s)).