Unable to Assign P0 Test


I see the pop up box asking if you’re ready for the P0 test. I click on yes and then it takes me to the exam area and nothing is there. Please assist.

Vatsim ID: 1726060

I see you’ve figured it out. Welcome!


Nothing is still appearing for me.

Volker, I’m not sure I understand the concern. You successfully completed the New Member Orientation (P0) exam on 01 Jun. You have since connected to the network on 11 Jun, and 21 Jun. There is nothing more for you to do. No more required exams.

If you are still receiving a popup message that indicates you need to take an exam (which you do not), please open a support ticket with the Technology team at support.vatsim.net

Otherwise, you are all set, and I again welcome you to the community.