Transitions at German Airports - FBW A32NX

this is a follow up post to this great post about how to fly transitions in Germany in the old forum.

I’m new to Vatsim but I do have some experience with MSFS, mostly flying the Fly by Wire A320 neo. Today I wanted to do my first real Vatsim flight from Vienna to Hannover EDDV. I had read about the use of transitions in Germany in the post mentioned above, and I also watched this video.
However, I don’t know how to put them in the MCDU. For example when trying to fly into EDDV after selecting RWY 27 L or R, all I get is this:

When I select the HLZ6P STAR (?) I can choose between the follwing transitions (?):

However, my Simbrief flight plan suggested the HLZ3D transition or star (?), which I also find on this chart and which makes sense to me after reading about all those transitions in Germany, but I don’t find it anywhere in my MCDU.
In the end I didn’t do the flight today, because I didn’t want to show up for sequencing as a totally confused newbe at EDDV :upside_down_face:

So, I’m really confused how this works with my MCDU. Is this normal MCDU behaviour? How do I find the transition?
I don’t have a Navigraph subscription, but that shouldn’t be the issue, right?

There is also this very strange thing about the new Berlin airport EDDB: I don’t see any stars nor transitions there after selecting any runway. It is in fact the same on the MSFS world map, where normally stars can be selected as well:

Here my same question: is this normal MCDU behaviour?
I would really appreciate any help!

@810809 I’m tagging you here, because I saw that you also posted in that other post in the old forum.

Hello Johannes,

this might indeed be an issue of the NavData that MSFS supplies. I am using Navigraph data files all the time, so I cannot really compare it the default data that Microsoft provide with each SimUpdate. Most transitions should indeed show up in “APPR VIAS”, but only (I think) when a TRANS has to be added to a STAR. If a TRANS is “independent” from a STAR, the TRANS will be shown directly in the STAR section.

What you could have done - and that’s a compromise between simming and what is permissible in the real world - is insert all the TRANS-points manually to take you from HLZ to the FAF XAVER, or similar.

PS: I just tested it with the latest version of the FBW A320neo and current Navigraph AIRAC: HLZ3D/3L are shown in the regular "STARS"section.

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Thanks for clarifying how it should work and for checking with the current Navigraph data! Maybe it really is because of the “stock” navdata in MSFS.
It would be interesting though, if anyone else without a Navigraph subscription has the same data in their MCDU like me. Then we really know that these stars and trans are missing in the navdata…