They talking very fast

with me and centers radar towers are speaking so fastly and i cant catch as exmple how much i must change my hdg when i am for aproche


From the German AIP’s radiotelephony section, but the phrases are the same in most, if not all countries.

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To add to this, yes there are people who talk a bit faster than they maybe should, but the main reason why you feel such a way is likely because aviation phraseology is new to you. Think of it like a language. When you don’t know a language, it sounds like gibberish and everybody speaks way too fast. But when you learn and get familiar with it, it becomes more understandable. The same thing happens with aviation phraseology. :slight_smile:

Don’t let that deter you, and don’t be afraid to ask the controller to “say again”!

You can say “Say again” or “Repeat for (callsign)” to get atc to repeat the instruction, but during rush hours(usually when centres are open) they will talk quickly anyways.

A good tip is to listen out for keywords, such as “heading xxx degrees” instead of listening for the entire message. Also, as soon as you hear your callsign, get something to write the instructions down. In a panic, it will be hard to remember what to do and read back.

“Reduce your rate of speech” cracks me up and it should not