The latest vatspy not working on latest Windows 11

I updated my vatspy client and Windows 11 few days ago, and i am facing a new issue which not shown in previous versions. The client shows a white screen only and no response when launch. The only way to solve this situation is deleting the VATSpyConfig.xml file in userdata folder and it will shows in next time I launch the application without deleting the file.
The issue is caused by the config file is what ensured. Is there any way to solve the issue?
One more thing, I have 2 monitors, if nobody else with single monitor faces this issue, it should be caused by the multi-screen soloution position configs, I guess.

device & system:

CPU	Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-14600KF   3.50 GHz
RAM	32.0 GB
SYSTEM 	Windows 11 Pro	23H2	22631.2428
Experience	Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22674.1000.0


vatspy client

okay, new info:

I edited the LastWindowLocation block in VATSpyConfig.xml, and set it as below, the application runs without any problem. Therefore, I guess it should be something wrong, which caused vatspy unable to get the real workplace width and height, between the latest vatspy and latest Windows 11.


Do you have Nahimic Services running in the background? Check TaskManager.

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yep, i banned it, and now the vatspy works. thank you very much. :slight_smile:

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