The KORD taxi nightmare

I own FSdt’s KORD, as I assume many people do. As many probably know, this product has not been updated in quite some time, specifically in regards to taxiways. I love flying into and out of ORD, but controllers frequently tell me I have an old outdated scenery when I miss taxi instructions, and some get frustrated when my scenery doesn’t match the instructions provided - what detailed scenery are people using that matches the charts controllers are using these days?

Hi Simon,

firstly we’d need to know what simulator platform you are using.

Sorry, MSFS200

Okay, there seems to be no other pay- or freeware addon for KORD. What about using the default scenery that comes with MSFS? Are the taxiways more accurate there?

And if you really want to use FSDT’s KORD scenery, can’t you just taxi by charts and software like LittleNavMap and ignore the taxiway designators in the scenery, if they have changed? Or has the layout changed, not just the taxiway designators?

Ah, Andreas, the real ORD is in the middle of a major redesign of the terminal and surrounding taxi surfaces. About every three or four months the taxiways get re-named, existing ones get demolished and new ones are born from their ashes. I’m one of the vZAU controllers and still have a difficult time figuring out how to get aircraft into and out of the west side of the terminal. Normally I just say something to the effect of, “I know you won’t have many of the taxiways I give you, just find your way down to A15 and join November”

I would imagine no one has attempted to re-do ORD because no matter how up-do-date the scenery is, it’ll become out of date almost immediately after.


Sounds fair. It’s not nice that the real ORD is throwing rocks at pilots and ATC. After all, the advice to Simon would be to not worry too much, right?

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This was all very helpful context. Thank you both. I think it’ll be helpful next time I’m at ORD with atc to proactively let them know about the scenery / chart mismatch

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We should all be grateful they haven’t completely bulldozed it, like they did KCGX.

I am also facing similar issues with outdated taxiways .It might be worth checking forums or community sites for reviews and updates on compatible scenery for a more accurate simulation experience at ORD.

Last year, I flew in and out real life KORD. Taxi was fun (as a passenger) because it took a veeeery long time due to the mayor constructions going on at ORD.
As a msfs pilot on vatsim, I use the newest LIDO (Lufthansa) charts with an Aerosoft yearly plan. They are pretty much up to date. I ignore the signs and groundmarkings in the scenery and searching my way on the charts.
Works well for me.
Should work with navigraph charts too.
In navigraph charts you have a moving map function on ground and you can do annotations after receiving taxi instructiions.
But I understand, taxi with scenery signs and groundmarkings are much more immersive, what we simmers are looking for.
So, let’s hope for the best which is a scenery update when KORD constructions are finished !

i use my own kord i made for p3d v5

i keep it pretty much up to date with every chart cycle

Don’t forget that BlackSquare Real Taxiways is a cheapish payware addon that makes all taxiways in the US (there is also one for Europe) math charts in real life… It works for third-party as well. I believe. I have it and it works great, just a suggestion.

same with me - and it is a runway nightmare as well. Since years several rwys are missing in this FSDT payware. They still sell it totally outdated and obviously they feel good about it.

I am using Navigraph’s charts (including moving maps enroute, approaches and airports). With this on a separate monitor you never get lost. Costs a bit, but definetely it’s worth it…