Text message on unicom 122.8

When I send à text message on unicom 122.8, my message does not begin by " my callsign on 122.8" , it begins directly with my text. I see all other People typing text messages on Unicom, it always begins by their callsign on 122.8. What am I doing wrong?

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That’s just the difference in how incoming versus outgoing messages are shown in your pilot client.

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Ah thanks. But strange, last time I answered a text message from a controller I think a saw my answer commencing with my call sign ? Unless I am mistaken.

Nothing… just you see that way BUT all others are seeing you callsign
Actually, from an ATCO point of view it is BETTER as it is…DON’T write your callsign on your text messages…


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Yes thanks I have checked and undestood this.