Test vPilot model matching without aircraft nearby (inject for test purpose only)

I’ve tried searching for similar topic, but could not find anything, apologies if it’s duplicated.

A lot of times custom model matching rules don’t work right as expected and need to be debugged. In order to debug it, I type “.aircraft” and it shows a table with information of aircraft nearby, which gives some clues about what I did wrong.

However, “.aircraft” is only useful if the particular aircraft is nearby, meaning some other user currently loaded it in the same airport. It’s not always possible to find a particular aicraft online and on the ground, especially if it’s some aircraft rarely seen on the network. But when I finally encounter such aircraft, it might not be the good time for debugging.

My question is: is there any other way to test rules without having a particular aircraft with specific callsign nearby? For example, I specify that I want type “AN24” and callsign prefix “UTA”, and it will inject it so I could see if the rule works, and be able to fix it if it doesn’t.