Test specific AI livery?

Hi, looking for advice on how to test a specific AI livery, rather than running through the whole lot. I’ve pulled a P3D livery for an HLF738 that I want to use in MSFS and think it’s been converted correctly.
Both Model Matching Magic and JukiModelMatcher pick it up and include it in their VMR’s so just need to check if vPilot is happy with it.

Would the simplest way be to create a VMR file for that livery only and run the livery checker? Incidentally, does the check create a result file and, if so, where would that be located?


I know it will not help you directly, but swift pilot client has a “Model Browser”. You can select individual AI aircraft and display them within your flight simulator to test them. But I wonder whether you want to go through installing and setting up another pilot client just for this function.

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Thanks Andreas. That’s a good shout.