Talkaround voice frequency

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how about establishing talkaround air-2-air frequencie/s, where pilots could have a chat. CTAF/UNICOM (and I hope we’re going for the “official” ones) are for selfannounce and self-coordination only and not meant to comment on the latest MLB/NFL scores…


Have you read the Code of Conduct Companion Document?

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I did!
But who said that these rules are set in stone never to be changed?

When flying online I run the following apps

VPilot already has the capabilty to transmit/receive on 1 frequency and monitor another. Why should I use another app to cover a functionality that I already have in an app I run.
Some people already use UNICOM to “exchange the MLB/NFL scores” in violation of the CoC.A16 .

Couldn’t we run a test in oceanic and pacific airspaces w/o radar coverage to make the long haul flights pass by faster?
Have the controller (or unicom) on com1 and the air-2-air “chat channel” on com2?

It’s an idea,


They do change. But this is one that should not change.

A16 All voice and text communications frequencies are for operational use only. Account holders shall not carry out private conversations over any communication channels, frequencies, or resources, with the exception of private text messages.

I shudder to think of the inane drivel that would be heard on such a channel. :smiley:

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Use of air-to-air frequencies for their intended purpose is fine, but I don’t see us ever allowing a frequency for general chat. We have other resources for general chat.

This is not at all realistic. I am just a lousy OBS so…

For general chat whilst flying you use Discord, simples.

not in VR you don’t. VR pilots are a community that many ignore, simples

Also in real world we regularly have company frequencies for flying clubs, we’d use it to ask someone to pop the kettle on as we approached finals.

Irrespective of what Vatsim rules virtual pilots choose to sometimes ignore and irrespective of what might happen in the real world the vatsim rules do not allow for “pop the kettle on” type communication on freq. If it does then please enlighten me :wink: However to get back onto the topic matter the question the topic raiser has asked is about creating a channel for general chat in which case I repeat that Discord provides such a use. :smiley: And to throw in another red herring, my particular Compass VA group uses Teamspeak for a general chat.

In the real world there is actually a designated channel for just these types of comms: 123.45.

Not suggesting Vatsim should facilitate this, just pointing out that it’s not unrealistic.

This is a myth that keeps getting repeated. ICAO designates 123.45 “to enable aircraft engaged in flights over remote and oceanic areas out of range of VHF ground stations to exchange necessary operational information and to facilitate the resolution of operational problems” (Annex 10, Volume V, Chapter 4). It is not for general chatting. On VATSIM, necessary operational information can already be exchanged on UNICOM and all frequencies are for operational use only.

In the USA, 123.4 and 123.45 are reserved by the FCC for non-government flight test operations by specifically licensed commercial aircraft and equipment manufacturers. It is outright illegal to use them for air to air communications.

It’s time to put this topic to bed once and for all. There are many ways to chat (Discord, Teamspeak, etc) and no legitimate reason to use any frequency for this purpose.

Might be better to just use Discord or another voice app like some of the others have mentioned for casual chat. No sense stirring up debate if it goes against the guidelines.

Oh, but in reality (not book world, but reality) it very much is for general chatting. Not saying that it should be used that way, but unlike the idiocy on victor guard, no one polices or corrects the chatting on fingers. It’s annoying during a crossing, because when you tune it up at the gateway you’re still in reception range of a lot of GA chat. But, is what it is.

You just brought up one of the prime examples of why this is a bad idea to introduce/allow on the network. This is the internet after all. Unmoderated chatter always leads to toxicity, bullying and harassment. You can then weigh that up with the importance of being able to talk with others, when you already have the ability to do so through other forums.

I don’t disagree at all. As I said before, I’m not advocating for such a use on Vatsim.

get the tail number of plane in question an pm them…simple and no conflict

and pm them…re quote