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I would like to keep using FSX for another year, I have been using V Pilot but Europe switched the the .33 frequencies and FSX doesn’t support that and VPilot using the dot code doesn’t seem to either. I tried installing swift, but my models are from My Traffic X. Swift seems to capture that in the traffic load, but when I go to the airport the only liveries are stock microsoft. So looks like I can have good traffic but not the right frequencies in V pilot, or good frequencies and not the right traffic in Swift.

I tried to follow the directions for Swift installation closely, but still possible I missed something.

Thanks if anyone can help…

I can’t help with swift, but would like clarification on one or maybe two things.

  1. Why do you say the dot commands aren’t working?
  2. What happens if you instead select the control position and press enter? Anything different than the dot commnads?

As far as I recall, both of those should work equally well allowing you to select your frequency.

As FSX doesn’t natively support 8.33 kHz spacing, it won’t display the 8.33 frequency, but vPilot should tune it just fine.

Thank you, I did find the answer buried in another thread, which I guess I mis-read the .com code. I tried typing in .com1 and the word Frequency and then the frequency, I guess the word Frequency in the guide means type in the frequency number, so that works. I didn’t know you could select the control position other than ATIS, will try that next time but either way got Vpilot to work so thanks and sorry for my mi-interpretation of the commands.


No worries! What matters is that you can get on and fly with the rest of the community! All good!

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