Swift - FS2020 Win 11 - No Traffic

Hi everyone,

Just coming back to VATSIM for the first time in 10 years. Have comms working, but I do not see the multiplayer traffic. I have online traffic only enabled in the sim, and pretty sure I matched models correctly. But sitting at a busy airport like KLAX I do no see any other people. Even though I see many around me and their call signs in swift, they are not actually visible in the Sim.

Anyone else have this issue or did I simply miss something during install?


Hi Robbie and welcome back to VATSIM!

MSFS not rendering AI aircraft usually stems from the SIM not being able to access the files that swift is pointing at.

So, assuming you created a valid model set for MSFS, those files also need to be in a proper place. For MSFS those AI files have to be inside the “community” folder of MSFS. Is this the case?

If yes, then possibly something is not okay with the “active model set” in swift. Before I type a lot of stuff here, check out this short tutorial video. It should set you up for success.

Thanks dude,

I’ll give this a try and report back.

Turns out I had swift looking in the wrong spot for models. Once directed to the packages under the local roaming directory I had traffic.

Got to watch a Super Bug pose as a 737 into LAX lol

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I’m glad you could solve it this easily!