Swift 8.33 Frequencies

After using Swift within the new 8.33 frequency areas there are a few bugs I have come across. If the frequency is .xx5 then Swift will tune the correct frequency for a split second then round the frequency down for example 121.805 springs back to 121.800 and 121.755 becomes 121.750. The usual .x25 and .x75 work as normal.

If the frequency is any .xx0 then this will work fine for example 135.580 and 121.890 will both work fine. This is tested on a multitude of aircraft including default, payware and freeware. Any work arounds to get Swift to stay on a .xx5 frequency when using the dot commands or right click on the ATC list functionality?

Hi Mark,

what simulator are you using? When you tune these frequencies through swift instead of the aircraft panel, does the same thing happen?

Also: Which version of swift are you on?

Thanks both. This is in FS9 and applies when tuning the frequency directly within Swift version 0.13.12 (latest alpha).

It appears that Swift attempts to round down any .xx5 frequency to the nearest hundredth unless it is .x25 or .x75.

sorry for getting back a bit late, but I was travelling.

I’d have to test this myself, I will get back to you.

Yes, I just tested it and it is as you described. I will report it to our developers.

Thanks Andrea for the update and let me know if you need me to do any more testing on this. Always happy to help. (Hope you had a good travel too).

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Yes, let’s see if our developers will be able to fix this for FS9.

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Hi Mark,

Andreas is on tour for 6 days.
There is a fix to test. Can you join our Discord Channel (FS9 section) ?

Thanks Claude. Just joined the Swift discord ready to test.

Just say Hello, i am Mark in the support-fs9 room.

In FS9 using Swift 0.13.12, .xx5 frequencies round down to .xx0. The issue has been reported, and the developers are working on a fix. You can stay updated on the progress in the Swift Discord channel.

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