Sweatbox simulaton: Change METARs


since GCAP forces us to do more sweatbox sim sessions than ever before with our trainees, we need to practice both runway directions regularly, but also special weather conditions like CAT III operations or de-icing.

However, the sweatbox currently only uses live METAR, so that e.g. the IAS behaves oddly when we do a 07-Sim but the wind is 250/20.

So is there any chance to enable custom METARs for the sweatbox in the next Euroscope versions to practice all-weather sessions more realistically?


It is partially available.
If you run a session with ES FSD server and not against SweatBox, then you can use the .metar commad. That opens a dialog where you can specify your own metar for the simulator.
The wind data is used by the simulator and the P3D connection also changes the weather. But it is not published to the controllers at the moment.