Sweatbox simulation: Control aircraft from second Euroscope window


in Frankfurt Tower, we have a couple of high-traffic sim scenarios including multiple VFR traffic. Usually, we have to Euroscope windows opened: Ground radar as main window and air radar as Proxy instance on the second screen.

However, it is not possible to control aircraft from the proxy instance. This would be very helpful though for several reasons. Instead, we always have to switch between the ground and air radar via F7 in the main window. This is kind of annoying because you are distracted and it limits capacity.

Is it somehow possible to enable control of aircraft from the proxy instance? If not, another idea would be to allow two pseudo-pilots controlling an aircraft simultaneously and then you login as pseudo-pilot instead of the proxy instance on your second window.


Hi, If you do not use proxy, but connect both of your ES instances to SweatBox with different callsigns, then you can transfer simulation from one pseudo pilot to another one.

Thanks for the answer. I knew about this workaround, however this is not really convenient when simulating high traffic runs because the mentor simply does not have the capacities to e.g. look for the callsign of the departure in the piloting list and then he needs two other mouse clicks to transfer the pilot.
So I would really appreciate an easier solution for future updates. Thanks!