Sweatbox push not working

hi, when im running the sweatbox and trying to push an aircraft back, it doesnt let me. i read that you need to press push, the with left click mark the push route then right click to send route then it should push.
it is working randomly. it can work 1 time then it just doesnt.

Did you get aircraft’s simulation ownership by clicking in the asterisk in its tag?

in the scenario file editor there is a section that you can select who has ownership of the aircraft in the simulation.
i can get the aircraft to set its sq code, to set mode c, to take off and staff like this. my main problem is the taxi and push. i can use the direct in the taxi commends, but the new taxi and the push does not work for me for some reason.
and is the asterisk needs to be yellow or white?

thank you for the help

Are you able to draw the the route and the plane just does not follow?
Do you have ground taxi route layout in your ESE file?

I am able to draw the line and send the route, then the aircraft is just “holding position” insted of taxiing or pushing back.
The file i use for the ground radar is a prf file that my mentors gave me, and for the senario i made a custom one with the senario editor in euroscope. that could be the problem but i tried to change a bunch of things there, nothing works.