Support tools for sectorfile development

This topic is intended to replace the corresponding topic from the previous forum (Sector file tools for conversion of coordinates - General - VATSIM Community).

My selection of web-based tools to support sectorfile development is available at Please don’t mind the non-existence of any style/design features. I’m not so much into web design. And my priority is just to ensure the functionality.
Updates and fixes are provided on an unregular basis, mainly depending on my own needs and my availability for further contributions.

Coordinates Converter
Mostly interesting for sector file managers is the coordinates converter (earlier called coordinates importer). It accepts a large number of coordinate formats, including some AIP description formats of airspaces. Just enter what you have on the left and see immediately the result (both in text and a drawing on Google Maps). In some cases, adjustments of the input text might be necessary to create the desired output.

A selection of accepted formats can be found in the placeholder text of the input box. Drawing of arcs/circles is also possible, when the coordinate is followed by a dash and numerical value, which represents the radius in nautical miles. If only a specific radial or an arc should be drawn, use another slash followed by the numbers for the radial and optionally either > (to draw clockwise), < (to draw counter-clockwise) or - (to draw the shortest way) plus the radial where the arc should end again.
Also 5LNC (5 letter name codes of waypoints) and navaid identifiers are recognised, if written in upper case. Their names can be used like any other coordinate format, and even combinations are possible. If a waypoint or navaid is the first coordinate of a group and multiple matches are found, all results are added in individual groups. If a waypoint or navaid follows any other coordinate and multiple matches are found, only the closest is taken.
Remember that a large number of syntaxes used in AIP can be used directly, including descriptions of arcs and even tangents around two center coordinates. If you find a format or text example that doesn’t work, reply to this thread. Maybe I can add support for even more formats.

Runway Centrelines
Another tool helps you to create different sorts of runway extended centerlines drawings. The threshold coordinate can be of any value accepted by the coordinates converter. The runway direction and the ticks can then be easily configured, including an option to draw dashed centerlines.

“Large” ticks have now priority over “small” ticks, resulting in the values of the “large” ticks being considered for distances that match both tick frequencies, even if the specs/values (width) for the “large” ticks are smaller. It’s just a first-come-first-serve principle now, where it was a value-based sorted (larger tick, higher prio) list before. Ticks can now also be specified to be drawn on either side of the REC only, thus supporting more setups, which may be common especially for parallel runways.

Both pages offer a selection of options (which will be saved, so your last used settings will be used when you return) to tailor the output . Some elements also have tooltips providing additional information regarding the use or accepted formats.

Please feel free to share any feedback, bugs (there still might be some despite extended tests) or proposals for improvement.