Suggestion: List of 2 or 3 last transmissions in AFV


Quite often i have to tell a pilot that i will call them back because i have something more urgent to deal with. It can be someone calling for clearance, pushback so i tell them i will call them back.
Problem is that if i am busy, i can’t always remember their callsign.
I am using the AFV mini-screen to see the aircraft that made the last transmission. This is great but i would like to propose an improvement to include the 2 or even 3 last calls on the frequency in a small list so i can call back to the pilot that i let waiting while i was busy with another aircraft

Unfortunately i can not find anywhere on the Audio for VATSIM page to contact the developers of Audio For Vatsim.

I hope one of the developers reads this post :slight_smile:

Best Regards / Jan

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I just ask, “Who else called?” Or you can say, “Who called for pushback?” If you remember the request but not the callsign. These are more true to real world operations anyway since there is no AFV box that shows the callsign of the transmitting aircraft. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I look over at AFV on occasion but I freely admit that it’s “cheating.”



Yes, i also have to ask who was calling earlier a lot due to double transmissions.

Sometimes if it’s busy, it can be very time consuming and frustrating to do this. Some pilots don’t even call again so i have to ask several times…

Started controlling more daytime i noticed that there are a lot of new pilots on the network and some of them don’t have any radio discipline so they don’t wait for the pilot to read back, they just start talking and they cause a blocked transmissions. Also in those cases i have to ask who was calling.

I thought that since a lot of other aspects of controlling on Vatsim is not like it is IRL anyway, this could be a bit of help especially for less experienced controllers. Perhaps it could be a function that can be turned off or on. Perhaps even seeing the last transmission could be turned off if you want to be more close to real ops.

It just would be nice to have the option.

Best Regards / Jan

I know what you’re saying, but I think the underlying principle of the network is to facilitate education–both for pilots and controllers. If pilots aren’t exercising good radio discipline, it’s incumbent on the controller to manage the frequency. Developing that skill is essential as a controller moves up to working more complex airspace where pilots accidentally block each other because they literally can’t hear each other.

Also, if you say, “Who else called?” and no one answers, then you’ve done your part. If it’s important, they’ll call you again.

If memory serves me well, the author is the same of Vpilot, Ross Carlson…

This is actually the problem and it will not change soon I’m affraid.

Hey Daniel, hope you are well!

To clarify, Ross did not develop AFV.

It seems that my memory isn’t what it used to be.
It was not Ross to develop AFV.
My apologies to all.
I stand corrected.