Sudden Problem with Audio for Vatsim

Hello. Sudden new problem with AFV working in CRC. No new programs, Nothing new in the computer environment. Tried to re download a couple of times.
Getting the following error message. If I push through it will connect to the frequency but with all of the red X marks. Any Ideas?

CRC has integrated comms, no need to use AFV

Not that I am aware of, New to me, screen shot your connection through CRC please

:mantelpiece_clock:︎ Unlike legacy clients, your frequency and callsign are assigned based on your position and do not need to be manually set.

also relevant - CRC Docs

reading the manuals is always a good idea :slight_smile:

Please screen shot the network RADIO connection documentation in CRC. I don’t think it is a thing. the VATSIM connection in CRC is different than the RADIO connection.

This is incorrect. CRC will have AFV integrated in the future, but as of now you must use the standalone AFV client for voice comms.