Still getting to grips

Hi all,

I am still fairly new to VATSIM and I am still very exited to be a member.

I am looking for some advice though. I am very dyslexic and struggling to retain information that is given to me via a controller. I understand what they are saying. But by the time the controller has finished giving me instructions I have forgotten the start of it. For example “Easy 266, Descend and maintain FL100 and turn left heading 220”. By the time I have heard the heading I have forgotten the flight level. I do try and write down the instruction but by the time I have heard “Easy 266” I don’t have time to grab a pen before the instructions are read.

I know I should always ask for clarification if I have missed anything. But I am always very concerned about distributing the controller and people around me.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


It’s okay to ask for clarification. “Turn left heading 220, and say again level?”

Thanks. Just always worried about asking too many times for clarification.

Also writing quickly instruction on a piece of paper helps me a lot

My sim isn’t open right now so I’m going by memory…

When you connect to VATSIM, you have the option to set your preferred send/receive modes. Perhaps voice TX and text RX might be your best option.

You could also put a note in your flight plan explaining your situation and ask controllers to confirm instructions by text.I’ve often heard controllers offering text as an option “I’ll send you a text” when pilots are struggling to remember a string of instructions. It then becomes just a case of reading the text back to the controller with your call sign at the end.