Still ear hurting weird horror sound

I experience the same probleme as the guy who recorded this video (you can hear the problem at the 01:50 minute mark).

Can this please be fixed in any way? The video was recorded in January 2022.

Thank you


I hear this screeching sound very often. Several times every flight and that’s now in January 2024.
Never herd anyone explaining why it happens, offered a solution or remedy except turn the volume down immediately or rip the headset off to avoid getting deaf! :slight_smile:

Known issue. From the Vatsim community discord:

Getting sudden and extreme volume increases using Audio for VATSIM?

This is a known bug with AFV and the tech team has been working to find a solution to this tricky bug.
Many users find relief by turning the output volume down in the app settings, then balancing the other sounds to it (reduce sim volume in the sim settings, or within Windows Mixer, etc.). with the vPilot or xPilot output settings below the one-half mark, this seems to significantly reduce the incidence for most people.

Thank you… I hope they STILL work on this, as it is quite uncomfortable (and potentially harmful) and now a few years old.

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