^This link used to show a list of everyone connected to the network. However, it isn’t working anymore. Does anyone know what happened to this page?

Yes, I’m aware there are alternatives. But, this one was the easiest for me to use/access.

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Hello Sir,
For me works, but if you have problem try this →
It’s the same link as yours but it hasn’t been updated or anything else
Hope to have help you :slight_smile:

/who was a different page, it’s just redirecting to another one now. I’ll ping someone from tech

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The who’s online page is offline intentionally, it should be back soon-ish

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In the mean time, you can use and click the Aircraft or ATC tabs.

Kind Regards,
Larry Wimble

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Hey folks,

The “Who’s Online” page is back up and running!
Let us know if you notice any irregularities. So far, we’re aware of the ATIS connection count being incorrect.

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