Small (very small) vpilot annoyance

i’ve been filing using the web form for some time now, so when i fire up vpilot i always go and “fetch from server” so i have it in there also.

the minor annoyance is the confirmation window “flight plan successfully fetched” that needs to be dismissed… it’s not really necessary is it?

All flight plan options on vPilot will be removed on March 1st, so this won’t be an issue anymore

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I understand why VATSIM is directing flight plan filing to its website but I wish that once an FP is filed through the site that I could pull it up in vPilot. It was handy to have that ability to refer to a FP while in flight. Sure, there are other ways - simBrief, Volanta, etc., but having it available in vPilot was just downright handy.