Simbrief Flight plans none matching Vatsim

Being relatively new to Vatsim I am now at the point of being able to file a FP generated by Simbrief but when requesting clearance am asked if I am using the current Airac cycle (which I am as subscribed) and a modified FP is then sent by text via Vpilot. Looking back through all available FP options on Simbrief none match the requested one by the Vatsim controller.
Any advise appreciated.

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Some more information is required like airport etc. Please note that Simbrief is not an autoritative source for flightplans. The flightplans from Simbrief is largely made up by virtual pilots and not always validated against Real Life Procedures. Local procedures - even temporarily - might also be a reason for the diviation from your plan. The best you can do is ask the controller - and note that he is also only human and might therefore also make mistakes.

Receiving amended flight plans is normal, and doesn’t indicate you did something wrong. Sometimes controllers might even accept your route if it’s not busy and won’t affect traffic flow. I’ve been given different routes within a single FIR between the same departure and destination airports, same time of day, but different controllers. There could be a variable that you’re not aware of. Politely ask and then make notes.

Torben has some good advice for you. An additional recommendation would be to check the ARTCC or vACC websites of the division you are interested in flying. On the myVATSIM website, choose Resources, and then choose the VATSIM Regions link. These websites sometimes post the preferred routes that are used within their area of control. You might also find LOAs between neighboring FIRs describing appropriate routes and altitudes. You can then make personal flight planning notes with the information you find.

I regularly replicate real world flights and research their FP in order to be exact. I totally understand that I could have different wind (runway assignments) due to time differences, however when I am told that my route needs amending I simply disconnect, depart and reconnect outside their airspace. Sadly I miss the ATC interaction, but I’m not going to completely reconfigure my FMC because an ATCO hasn’t the time to check it out. Luckily VATSIM isn’t real life even though in many artcc’s they claim to be as close to the real thing. No harm, just different views, which the whole world is made up of. Reconnecting mid-flight is allowed.

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Thank you all for responding and for the helpful suggestions which I will now take on board.
The worst part, keying the mic for the first time is over.
FYI the departure airport was EGNX using the DTY4P SID there were various requested changes to the FP including a change from Airway Q41 to M605 and alternative Waypoints.

I think a reason for a re-routing should ALWAYS be given by ATC.
If your route was from SimBrief the basic stuff should have been workable, like an existing SID/STAR and the correct AIRAC.
For Europe, you can try to take a route with the tag “Eurocontrol” which means it has recently been flown in real life (that does not mean it is 100% perfect either, it could be that it included restrictions that were only temporary…). The tag “VATSIM” is ok (that means somebody has filed that), “SimBrief” really means any route anybody has ever generated (and that might be for me alone 10 tests or so for a flight…).
Also the links “GRD” and “edi-gla” above the route field can reveal great routes. “autorouter” is amazing to build valid routes between obscure locations but needs a login and a bit of learning.

But if a pilot wants to go 100% validated is his/her choice in my opinion. When in doubt, ATC should let him/her fly.


That’s not exactly correct. In Europe, many routes are verified against a Eurocontrol service/API, although that is time-of-day dependent. Lots of Simbrief’s suggested routes show a little icon to say that they’re Eurocontrol verified, or, failing that, that they’ve been filed and flown by pilots on the VATSIM network.

Also, given that OP said it was a UK airport, it’s worth nothing that the UK has a Standard Route Document (SRD) from airport to airport, and airport to FIR boundary and vice-versa, and Simbrief can also validate routes against that.

It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to get a re-route from a filed flight plan upon requesting clearance in real life. London Gatwick, for example, has so-called ‘relief’ SIDs which are used to alleviate particular portions of the airspace around London when it’s busy, and would require a slight re-route to join the filed routing after the SID. It usually shouldn’t be a huge task to slightly tweak your FMS on the fly in this instance.

As I wrote: The flightplans from Simbrief is largely made up by virtual pilots and not always validated against Real Life Procedures.
At the time I wrote my comment it was not clear where the flight took place. That info was reveiled after my post. So I’m a bit unsure, what your addressing my comment is about.