SimBoard - A flight board website for VATSIM


Hey guys, a couple weeks ago, I finished making a flight board website for Vatsim called SimBoard and I finally got around to deploying this weekend. I already posted my stuff on reddit, but I also wanted to announce my website here since this is an official forum for VATSIM. The information updates every 15 seconds and you can find departures and arrivals for an airport, and also how many flights are flying for a particular airline. You also have to click the buttons above the search boxes in order to see the flight table populate. I hope you guys find the website interesting, and I would really like some feedback if you guys have any.

Here are a couple pics of the website:

I hope you guys like what you see!


It may just be my brain, but I tried entering an ICAO in the upper left and pressed enter, nothing happened. After playing and trying different browsers, I stumbled on the inbound and outbound icons. It may pay to make them more visible or something. I didn’t think of pressing them. Maybe put them aligned horizontally to the right of the input field!

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