SimAware & Helos

This will probably end up pretty low on the list of priorities but can we have a more complete list of Helicopter ICAOs added to the DB? There are a few out there that people are flying but sadly they show up as airplanes.

I tried looking for a contact email but coudln’t find one, I apologize if it was posted somewhere obvious.

There is a Google Spreadsheet to request new icons for SimAware (not all requests may be added, but in my experience, there’s a very good chance they will).


So… in practice… if you want to request new icons for aircrafts… do you just start adding lines to the Google spreadsheet?, and then someone within VATSIM will follow up on your topic?

Or is there another more correct way to approach this?

I have a few planes that I would like to add.

Yeah, you just follow the format and add a new line in the spreadsheet for each type that you’d like to see. Just keep in mind that you always need to provide a link to a top down view picture/schematic of the aircraft that can be used for reference.
But it will be not someone “within VATSIM” who looks at it, it’s the spreadsheet owner; if and when he finds time, he’ll create the icons and once he has a couple, he’ll open a pull request on the SimAware GitHub repository and then if and when the SimAware creator finds time, he’ll merge that pull request.

Thanks for your reply David.

Yes… the way you describe it makes good sense.