SimAware does not work suddenly

thanks but I am on XP not MSFS

I have tried VAT-Spy, it is good but the only problem you cannot zoom in far enough to see the detail of an airport to search for an empty gate to start your flight looks exactly the same that ? and is also labelled SimAware at the top left corner ?

That’s because “redirects” to SimAware. It’s actually the exact same system

So I do not understand what the other guys are saying hereabove !

Resh mis-spoke. VATSIM does not operate its own map application. You could try another map application. There are several out there. A few are well-known, like simaware and VATSpy. In parallel, you can hope that simaware gets fixed in the meantime.

Just go
Everything should be fine…

As said above, this is the same as simaware, which the user was having issues with.

Give VSR ( go, as it runs as a toolbar app in MSFS or in a standalone browser