Shoutout to Roma ATC

A big shoutout to the controllers in Roma on the evening of Jan 3rd, I was a Jet2 flight from LIRF to RGCC, on climbing through FL140 in my B738 i experienced a pressurisation failure that i could not remedy with the QRH, declared PAN PAN and requested return to LIRF (only my 5th flight on Vatsim, no less). Controllers were awesome and professional and got me back on the ground safely at Roma.

Thanks for making my first (and hopefully only) in flight emergency as stress free an experience as possible. You guys are awesome!

Hi Ryan! We’re glad that you had a nice experience.

You can provide feedback to VATSIM Italy ATC through VATITA controller feedback form. For more information, You can visit their website at

thankfully you wernt at top of ceiling fl38/42…could of been much worse…