Server timeout 4 times

Would like to know with the supposed “improvements” to the vatsim servers, why during a 4 hour flight do I get disconnected (timeout) 4 times? Before, if there were connection issues, it was a simple fix, change servers, well, y’all took that fix away, but when I do connect, I get asked to donate. Donate so I can get disconnected several times on each flight, good luck with that.

Yeah, definitely don’t want to donate if you’re not already getting your money’s worth … oh wait …

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Scott, the improvement have made a great difference for everybody, or at least nearly everybody. I don’t recall seeing similar complaints lately. If you’re having issues, I’d suggest opening a ticket with Tech. Include your connection information (callsign, when you were connected), which server you were connected to, what specific error messages you received, if you were on wifi or hardwired connection, etc. They may likely ask for more information, but in my opinion these pieces of information would be a good place to start. Good luck.

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Also, one other thought – maybe reboot your router and try again.

Hi Don, thanks for that info. I have done those things that you mentioned short of submitting a trouble ticket. Just a little frustrated, because I don’t recall having these same issues before the improvements. Before if you got kicked from the server/s it was most likely due to an overload on that particular server and all you had to do was change servers, can’t do that now. Definately wasn’t looking for a sarcastic response like someone else posted. I appreciate you, Don, and how you have done things over the years. Thanks

If you’re not looking for a sarcastic response, don’t make a sarcastic post. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nothing sarcastic in my post, just stating the facts, and here’s another one. Check in with CTR ATC (doesn’t matter where) They tell me a squawk code, I comply, then an hour later, the same ATC tells me I need to squawk xxxx, which I am, but they are showing a different code, so I change it to random, then back to the assigned code, and it works, then about 30 minutes later, it happens again, so they assign me a different code.

If you were just stating the facts, you wouldn’t have ranted about the donation link followed by “good luck with that.”

Scott, I’ve not heard anyone else complain about this specific issue with squawk codes. What aircraft, sim, etc are you using?

As far as being disconnected from the server, do you remember the exact date and time this took place? I can check our logs and see if it was an issue with that specific server or an issue that only affected you. If the latter, then it’s most likely an issue with your ISP, or the routing between your ISP and VATSIM servers.

It’s also worth noting that the improvements to VATSIM servers are purely for server choice only. When you connect, it directs you to the closest server (if available), falling back to the ones further away with free slots. The underlying FSD servers haven’t changed at all, they are the same as they always were. The change is purely DNS. I’d imagine the issues you’re seeing are down to routing, but as Don said feel free to drop us a ticket at with some details and we can certainly look into it for you.

I have had the same issue. When I am flying, I get disconnected from the server. , and I don’t have a different server to choose to reconnect.