Send or receive text messages through UNICOM

Sorry for the stupid question, but can someone tell me how to send or receive text messages through UNICOM (122.800)?
I am using PMDG 737-800 in MSFS 2020.

Juan Yebenes.

Hi Juan,

Sure. Of course, voice is very much the preferred communication medium on VATSIM, including on Unicom, but if you absolutely must use text, you can simply tune to Unicom and type your message in the area at the bottom of the Messages tab.

Does VATSIM have a list of ‘DOT’ commands that are used on VATSIM? I found a list but it’s on vPilots web site (scroll to the bottom).

Dot commands, if I’m not mistaken, are client-specific so you’ll need to use whichever ones your particular client supports.

The vPilot “Dot” commands all work on Vatsim

Thank you so much. I prefer voice coms too.

I use xPilot. The vPilot commands work for me. In fact, I recall using these same codes several years ago back with MSFS 9 & 10. I don’t think the client I used is still around.