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I was wondering what’s the correct procedure to set up the SELCAL code properly for flying on VATSIM?

At the connect window, can I leave “SELCAL Code” blank if I have SEL/xxxx in the flightplan?



Or am I required to fill out SELCAL Code and skip it in the SEL/xxxx in the Flightplan in order for VATSIM ATC to send me a SELCAL?



You need to enter it in the connect window for vPilot to recognize it when ATC sends it. vPilot will automatically add it to the flight plan remarks.

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Thanks for your reply Ross!

I’ve done a few tests and I’ve noticed that if you file a flightplan with SEL/AB-CD in the remark section on prior connecting, you can leave the SELCAL Code field empty when logging in to the network.

VPilot then pulls the selcal code from the flightplan, I guess :smiley:

Yes, that’s right … I just checked the code, and if a selcal code is found in the remarks when you file, it’ll use that, even if it’s different from the one you connected with.

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Hello Sir,
Just for an “extra help” to you, if you want you can check eventually, all the procedures for the SELCAL code, directly from the official GanderOceanic forum-page here → SELCAL - Gander Oceanic Knowledge Base
Hope to have help you :slight_smile:


Not all aircraft need a SELCAL; it’s primarily those which fly outside of radio reception areas, i.e., if you were flying across the ocean. If you’re in a Cessna, staying on the same continent, you don’t really need a SELCAL.

Not all letters are available for SELCAL codes. From Wikipedia:

“The code is a sequence of four letters, written or transmitted as an ordered two sets of two letters each (e.g., AB-CD ). The letters are chosen from a subset of the Latin script comprising A through S , excluding I , N and O . The letters within a given pair are written or transmitted in alphabetical order (e.g., AB-CD is an allowable distinct SELCAL code, as is CD-AB , but CD-BA is not). A given letter can be used only once in a SELCAL code; letters may not be repeated (e.g., AB-CD is allowable, but AA-BC and AB-BC are not).”

Some cautions, gleaned from experience:

If your aircraft has a SELCAL code printed on the panel, don’t use it. No doubt someone else is using the same aircraft/livery and will try to load the same SELCAL. Especially if you’re flying an event.

I tend to put a consistent SELCAL for all my saved airframes in SimBrief; my initials arranged in a manner that reflects the SELCAL format (alpha order). Not realistic, I know, but I only need to memorize one SELCAL. If I fly an event like Cross The Pond, though, I use the SELCAL they provide rather than my own.

I could probably count on one hand the number of times a VATSIM controller has contacted me by SELCAL over the past 15 years, save for the SELCAL check.

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